Sunday, 17 February 2013

Shall You Remember ME ?

When the shadows of death,
Shall engulf the soul within me.
& every happiness distort me,
when every grief shall disclose&
divest me,
At such a Moment!

Shall you remember me?

when every glee,
shall fade within me,
And every sorrow
shall remain hollow,
when the fervor inside me
shall decline and discard within thee,
No being to hug nor hold me,
At such a Moment!

Shall you remember me ?

when the escort of death
will lead me,
& jerk the soul within me
while every barrier between us
shall trail a memory so glorious,

So.......,shall you remember me?

As my body shall decline to
the forces of nature,
I shall become a product of mortality
& in the gloomy night
I shall emerge and glisten so bright
silently waiting and watching,
for the shadows of death
to engross you..
and soon host you before me,
At such a moment no envy
shall erupt within me,
Because you too,shall become
A product of mortality,
And your soul shall become
Forever my property,
As you are indulged in
This life so feebly,
I ask You a Question,
Full of felicity,

"Shall You Remember ME....?"
Because I shall Remember Thee. . . .

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