Wednesday, 6 March 2013


With So many roads to trend
& so many paths to mend
so many heaps to climb
Each route is so hard to decline
so Dark you can hide
so Deep you can elide
but now it has changed..
whatever which has once remained
It dug deep in the ground &
covered off your remains
and all of the hurt and pain
its so hard ti regain..
All of my tears and memories
Have been washed away in the rain..
Leaving everything vivid and plain..
as i pass you by and walk away
I have promised not to say a word
because all my tears have dried
Each memory faded and died..
You no longer haunt my dreams,
You no longer bring me to tears,
But you have left me all so cold
Let me living life with no one to Hold,
So, Bury me beside your tomb,
Because i can't take ,no more...
I am Too Tired to trail this route alone...

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